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Thursday December 14th 2017



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How Meditation Changed My Life

Mamata Venkat wants to empower people to unplug from their gadgets and inspire them to start working on themselves as much as they do their jobs. She will discuss the interaction between our internal and external development using her practice of meditation to exemplify how success in either does not have to come at the cost of the other.

Brain chemistry lifehacks: Steve Ilardi at TEDxKC

An enlightening talk on brain chemistry and ways how to use brain chemistry in our favor. To balance the neuro-chemistry we must balance our life. Sedentary life style is toxic not only to body and Brain as well.

Tommy Kapai: Exercising mind over matter

Tommy Kapai: Exercising mind over matter

I totally agree with this article that excising brain is as important as body, However I would like to add that physical exercise do have critical role in brain health. So what is exercising the brain - According the to writer of this article "The brain, in my opinion, is the one organ we all need to work out most, given it runs the rest of the [...]

Top 7 Lessons From 134 Books

An interesting video adressing real lessons.LESSON 1: Boost Your Happy Chemicals LESSON 2: Forget Self-Help LESSON 3: Value Your Time LESSON 4: The 80/20 Principle LESSON 5: Learn How to Win Friends and Influence People LESSON 6: Create, Don't Consume LESSON 7: Mind Over Matter

Review on Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey

A review on Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey enjoy..

Neuroscientist on the Brain-Body Connection – John Ratey on Inside Quest

Great Insight on connection between Excersice and Brain. Dr John Ratey MD Author of (SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey) answered questions and explained how the Exercise act like medicine. Enjoy..

What is Mindfulness

A great insight on mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness is way of connecting with your life. Paying attention to present moment as if your life depend on it, which is actually very true. We spend majority of time on present or future and miss the present which is actually creating your future. Better we have a present moment the better would [...]

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