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Friday January 19th 2018



Thousands attend Qatar National Day celebrations at Al Wakrah stadium

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Thousands of people including women and children converged at Al Wakrah stadium on Monday evening to attend a programme of musical and comedy performances organised by the Pakistani expatriate community to celebrate Qatar National Day.
The event marking the National Day celebrations was organised by the Pakistani community in co-operation with the Ministry of Interior. Beautiful performances by different singers and comedians from Pakistan enthralled the audience.
As many as 14 artistes performed in both Urdu and Pashto languages, keeping the huge audience entertained for over two hours. The entry to the stadium for the programme was free to all.
Talking to Community, Abdul Janan Khan, a community leader and chairman of Pakhtun Welfare Society, said, “The event was a success as usual. We bring similar kind of programmes for our community thrice ever year. A show is organised on each of the two Eids and on the National Day of Qatar. The entry is always free as we want people to come with their families and kids to enjoy the music and fun.”
Khan added, “Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa al-Muftah, head of public relations at the Ministry of Interior, graced the event as the chief guest. The event was arranged in support from the ministry, which always encourages us to carry out cultural activities and musical concerts.”
He added, “The programme started about 7pm and ended at 9:15pm. A large number of community people were already present in the stadium, where in an earlier event students of six schools, four Indian and two Pakistani, showed their performances and marchpast with flags of Qatar. The audience cheered the young students and chanted slogans for Qatar.”
“The event was hosted by Masood Khawaja, famous comedian from Pakistan, and by Rauf Lala, also a well-known comedian from Peshawar. Their jokes and witty banter kept amusing the audience as they would return to the stage after every musical performance. Masood Khawaja is a very famous television artiste and was welcomed by the audience with loud cheers. Khawaja stayed in Qatar for four days,” Khan said.
“The gathering also enjoyed a performance by Zardad Bulbul. The artiste is very well known in Peshawar as a Pashto comedian. Atta Ullah was another Pashto comedian who brought smiles to the audience. Singers included Deeba Khan who sang in Urdu; Shaukat Mahmood sang Pashto songs; Karam Khan, a young Pashto singer from Peshawar; Nelo, female Pashto singer; and Kashmala Gul from Peshawar,” Khan further said.
The representative of the Pakistani community said, “The star of the show was a song praising Qatar and His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. The song was sung by Shahid Ali Khan, Urdu singer from Pakistan. The song Tu Ibne Hamad was written by Shaukat Ali Naz, a Pakistani expatriate, composed by Asif Hussain, also a Pakistani expatriate, and produced by me. The song has already been doing very good in Qatar as many FM radios have started running it on their regular shows.”
Khan added, “At the end of the show, the chief guest gave away awards and medals to the artistes from Pakistan. The Pakhtun Welfare Society also presented a lifetime achievement award to Tariq Jamal for his excellent work as a television artiste from Peshawar.”
Amir Butt, one of the organisers, said, “The show was amazing. Everyone was happy to celebrate the National Day. I was born and brought up in Qatar. We have special love and respect for Qatar. We always celebrate the day with enthusiasm. We regularly arrange similar kind of events to express our solidarity with Qatar as a community.”
“We always invite known artistes and performers from Pakistan to provide good entertainment to the community in Qatar. People also get a chance to enjoy their culture and celebrate Qatar National Day at the same time,” Butt added.
Muhammad Abrar Hussain, who has been living in Qatar for 22 year and working in the oil and gas sector, said, “It is always good to have such programmes.”
He said, first of all, such events go on to show that there is a strong and vibrant presence of Pakistani community in Qatar. Secondly, he felt, such gatherings on the occasion of the National Day vindicate the community’s unflinching support for Qatar, a country that has given them so much. At the same time, he said the families also get a chance to enjoy cultural shows.
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