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Monday February 19th 2018



Use your muscles more and brain less when you worry and you will be surprised at the results. – By Col Eddie Eagen

I have specially noted this chapter from Dale Carnegie’s famous book how to sop worrying and start living as it reinforces how physical exercises change state of mind. When Find myself worrying and mentally going around in endless circles like a camel turning a water wheel in Egypt, a good workout helps me to chase those blues away. It may be running or long hike in the country or squash tennis at the gymnasium. Whichever it is a physical activity clears my mental outlook. By becoming physically tired, my mind gets a rest from legal problems, so that when I return to them, my mind has a new zest and power. According to him the best antidote for worry is exercise.  Use your muscles more and brain less when you worry and you will be surprised at the results, it works that way with me – worry goes when exercise begins.  Col Eddie Eagen NY Attorney, Rhode Scholar, Former Chairman of NY State Athletic Commission and Former Olympic Light-Heavy Weight Champion of the World. Page 316 

I another chapter of the same book – Five methods I have used to banish worry in which Professor William Lyn Phelps mentioned in the 3rd method – When he was terribly depressed, I become physically active almost every hour of the day, I played five or six violent games of tennis every morning, had lunch and played eighteen holes of golf every afternoon. I am a great believer in working up a tremendous sweat. I found that depression and worry oozed out my system with sweat.

The above examples solidifies the fact that Physical Exercise is integral to Mental Health.