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Sunday February 25th 2018



Regular exercise is a key to produce brain-derived neurotopic factor (BDNF)

A must read article “Get your heart pumping in the fight against forgetfulness” published in Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School). Essentially this article emphasized on Regular exercise to releases brain chemicals that support better memory, concentration, and mental sharpness. A main focus is on brain-derived neurotopic factor(BDNF), which can only be produced by brain. As mentioned in th article you cannote get BDNF from out side sources, as it is only the brain which can make, however exercising regularly is required. That means 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise ideally five days a week.

Article shed light on direct relationship of Regular, moderately intense exercise on maintaining healthy blood pressure, weights and you feel more energetic. Key impact is on brain i.e. it lift mood, lower stress and anxiety and keeps your heart healthy. A lot of research suggests that exercising moderately and regularly stimulates brain regions involved in memory function to release a chemical called brain-derived neurotopic factor(BDNF).

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