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Friday January 19th 2018



Neuroscience: Yes, Brain Training Actually Can Work When Done Correctly

brnA must read article on brain training. Nicole Gravagna, Phd neuroscienctist and author of mindset your manners said “For a long time scientists thought that the brain was capable of growing and changing only during childhood. How very wrong we were! It was an unfortunate misunderstanding that, for a long time, confused the general knowledge about how we learn and grow in intellectual capacity over the course of our lives.”

Core of this article highlighted that awareness of our own experiences, reactions and limitations will guide our own training program. Paying attention to our own emotions will guide us to training on these areas. We don’t need a professional trainer or to go to brain gym, we have to focus the areas we are weak. We might be a good computer programmer, but we need to work on weaker areas other weaker areas. for example if we are weak at public speaking we should do more of that, basically practicing on our weak areas we can be good on these.

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