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Saturday December 16th 2017



Building brain cells is easier than you may think – To Grow More Brain Cells, Try These 4 Hacks –

nervesAccording to the media, nearly anything fun or delicious puts you at jeopardy of losing brain cells, but are there any activities that can help to replenish them? You’re in luck. Research has shown that there are certain activities that can help you grow new brain cells, and they aren’t nearly as excruciating as you may think.


Watching what you eat and practicing self-control at mealtimes could benefit more than just your waistline. According to Mental Health Daily, restricting your calories helps to elicit a stress response in the body, and while this may sound like a bad thing, in reality it stimulates the brain to grow new brain cells. However, don’t go overboard. The Huffington Post reported that calories need to be restricted by only 20 to 30 percent to reap these benefits.

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