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Saturday January 20th 2018



Qatar ministry announces new petrol prices for June

hghjghjgPetrol prices in Qatar for June will remain almost the same as they were this month, but will be of a new, lower octane.

According to the Ministry of Energy & Industry, 91-octane Premium gasoline will cost QR1.20/L, while 95-octane Super gasoline will cost QR1.30/L.

This month, the price for 90-octane Premium gasoline was QR1.15/L while the cost of 97-octane Super was QR1.30/L.

Diesel will remain unchanged for June at QR1.40/L.
Global market

In April, Qatar announced it would begin pegging gas prices to the global market to “raise the efficiency of energy use in the country and raise consumers’ awareness.”

This means residents may see monthly fluctuations in the rate of petrol.

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