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Saturday January 20th 2018



Alcoholics Anonymous has a Qatar chapter that meets nine times a week

fgdfgddgfDavid (not his real name) said he’s always had a drinking problem. But when he moved to Qatar, “it spiraled out of control.”

The British operations manager said he would typically start drinking as soon as he came downstairs in the morning, or even sometimes in the middle of the night, to help with the tremors he felt from withdrawal.

“The only thing to cure it was with alcohol,” he said, estimating that he consumed about two liters of vodka daily. “I couldn’t hold a job, I was a bad husband, a bad father. I couldn’t even sleep at night.”

Roughly three months after moving here, David said he needed help and – on the advice of one of his wife’s coworkers – called the helpline of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Qatar.
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