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Monday February 19th 2018



One hurt, passengers shaken after turbulence hits Qatar Airways flight

A Qatar Airways flight attendant has suffered a shoulder injury after a Warsaw-bound plane encountered turbulence shortly after taking off from Doha early this morning, an airline spokesperson has confirmed.

None of the passengers aboard the Airbus A320 appear to have been injured.

Qatar Airways flight QR261 departed Hamad International Airport a few minutes behind schedule this morning at 2:49am.

Approximately 10 minutes into the flight, with the crew already up from their seats preparing the cabin service, the plane suddenly ascended and listed sharply to the right-hand side, according to passenger Joanna Gasiorowska.

“We flipped like a piece of paper in the wind,” she told Doha News.

She said there was a sensation of the plane in free-fall for between five and seven seconds, during which several crew members hit the ceiling.
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