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Monday January 22nd 2018



Youngsters jet off to Czech Republic for global gathering of Newcastles

Members of the city’s Youth Forum have jetted off to the Czech Republic to represent the region at the Newcastles of the World conference


Members of the Newcastle Council Youth Forum jetted off from Newcastle International Airport for the Newcastles of the World Conference in Nove Hrady, Czech Republic Left to right, Molly Secret, Monjer Rashid, Councillor David Faulkner and Julia Henzell

Youngsters from Tyneside have jetted off to the Czech Republic to represent the region at a gathering of “Newcastles.”

Members of the city’s Youth Forum are attending the Newcastles of the World conference, which brings together people from many of the more than 100 places to bear the name around the world.

“They will be discussing how best to ensure that young people have a voice in their future, looking at different international models, and also what are the priority ‘asks’ of young people of their various city decision-makers,” Councillor David Faulkner, a coordinator of the Newcastles of the World initiative, said.

Last year, the conference was held in Tyneside’s Newcastle, with around 70 people from cities including Jaunpils in Latvia, Shinshiro City in Japan, Kota Bharu in Malaysia, and this year’s hosts, Nove Hrady in the Czech Republic, visiting the North East. The themes of this year’s conference – which includes both adult and child events – include how individual Newcastles deal with the problem of physical barriers such as the Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall, and cultural barriers such as prejudice, gender or age.

Delegates are also discussing how new uses can be found for historic buildings, with a focus on sustainable tourism, joint projects, and funding.

The Youth Forum group departed for Eastern Europe on Friday. And Coun Faulkner thanked Newcastle International Airport for its support in helping to send so many children on the trip.

“We’re thrilled that Newcastle International should support our young people in travelling to the Newcastles of the World Conference in the Czech Republic,” he said.

“It helps ensure that we can have a sizeable youth delegation who will be meeting with young people from a number of other Newcastles.

“This continues great support from the airport of Newcastles of the World, as it was one of the main sponsors when our own Newcastle supported hosted the conference in 2012.”
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