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Saturday December 16th 2017



Domopan and Qatar Green Building Council join forces at ‘Innovate Qatar’

Domopan Qatar WLL, one of Qatar’s leading engineering solutions companies, and Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), a non-profit organization focused on sustainability in the construction sector, have teamed up at the ‘Innovate Qatar’ exhibition that took place at the Doha Exhibition Center from the 18th to the 20th of March.

‘Innovate Qatar’ is the country’s only event dedicated to new technologies and innovations, gathering various stakeholders and market players under one roof. As an affiliate member of the QGBC, and with the common goals of promoting sustainable construction practices in Qatar, the partnership at the event was only natural.

“Ever since we launched operations in 2007 in Qatar, we were adamant on using only the best green and sustainable practices in all our jobs,” said Hikmat Hamdan, Domopan’s Business Development Director. “As a result, we have worked closely with the QGBC for the last several years in promoting sustainable construction not as the exception in Qatar, but rather the norm.”

While QGBC, a Qatar Foundation member, and Domopan will promote environmental and sustainability best practices in construction, the event was also an ideal platform for Domopan to explain the benefits of DomoGypsum, the company’s locally-manufactured state-of-the-art fiber gypsum boards. As the only fiber gypsum boards produced in the country, the product provides environmental benefits to the end users in Qatar and the region, as they were designed with the area’s unique climatic challenges in mind. Additionally, DomoGypsum is one of the only products certified in the country by the Qatari Civil Defense for fire-rated boards.

“DomoGypsum can be made of 100% recycled material, thanks to the robustness and dexterity of the panels’ main component, gypsum,” explained Hamdan. “The unique properties of gypsum also make it an ideal thermal insulator; once the product leaves our factory and is installed in buildings and homes, it also adds to the environmental efficiency of the structures themselves by providing insulation from the searing desert heat – resulting in less air conditioning usage and consequently, lower CO2 emissions. In addition, the product’s versatility and ease of installation is perfect for all types of projects.”

For more information about Domopan and DomoGypsum, please visit or call 4465 3625.
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