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Friday January 19th 2018




Issue Date:
Bid Closing Date:
Contracts Dept. – Operations Division, Qatar Petroleum, PO Box 3212, Royal Plaza,G Wing,4th Floor Rm G13,Doha
Bond Validity:
23/11/11 – (150) days from the Bid Closing Date
Offer Validity:
24/10/11 – (120) days from the Bid Closing Date
Scope of Work/Description:
1. Upgrade existing obsolete MPGs main control system and network accessories for both units to the latest most reliable OEM approved technologies. 2. Upgrade MPGs integrated Fire & Gas Detection System including Ultraviolet, Pellistor type Flammable and Hydrogen Sulphide field detectors to optical based technology. 3. Upgrade MPGs integrated Vibration system including all related vibration sensors for the GG as well as for the PT compartments at NFA. Tentative Start Date: 01/10/2011 Duration: One (01) year

a) Tender documents for the above services/works can be obtained from the Dates of Issue at the different locations indicated above. Tender documents may be collected between 08:30 and 13:30 only.

b) Tender documents will be released only to authorized company representatives with the Letter of Authorization on Company Letterhead.

c) Non-refundable Tender fees are payable as below to Doha Bank Ltd. at QP Branch, Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, or to Qatar National Bank, QP Branch, 2nd Floor, Al-Sadd Plaza, Doha:
STC & LTC Tenders – Fee per tender QR 200.00
GTC Tenders – Fee per tender QR 500.00

d) Where tender documents are collected on behalf of others, the entity who collects the tender documents must submit a letter from the ‘principal(s)’ stating that the tender documents are collected on their behalf.

e) Where tender documents are collected on behalf of more than one ‘principal’, the tender fee has to be paid in respect of each tender document.

f) No queries will be entertained, or bids received, from entities who have not purchased tender documents in compliance with the above provisions.

g) All prospective bidders wishing to participate in Qatar Petroleum tenders issued by the Contracts Department shall be a QP registered vendor with a SAP Vendor ID. To obtain a SAP ID, the potential bidder must submit a duly completed Vendor Master File Update (VMFU) Form together with supporting documents as detailed in Vendor Master Update Guidelines posted in QP Website.

h) All bidders shall ensure that the business/company name, contact persons and other details in all relevant documents to reflect the details as stated in the commercial registration documents.

i) Bidders/Contractors, who are registered with QP and possess a QP SAP Vendor ID, shall with immediate effect ensure that any change to the vendor details is updated with QP by submitting a duly completed Vendor Master File Update (VMFU) Form to ensure smooth processing of Tender, Contract and Payment related matters without any delay.
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