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Saturday December 16th 2017



Tha Alacra Store

Zad Holding Company, formerly Qatar Flour Mills Company, is a Qatar-based public shareholding company that operates in the food processing sector. The Company’s main activities include import of wheat and production of different kinds of flour, the manufacture and marketing of pasta, biscuits, bakery products and baby food, as well as the sale of grains and related commodities. Its manufacturing facility is equipped with a laboratory, a sifter and a packing section. It also has its own sea port with specialized technical unloading facilities to accommodate large ships. The Company’s products fall under three main divisions: Mill, Foodco and Bakery. The Mill division products include flour and flour byproducts. The Foodco division offers various types of pasta items and biscuits. The Bakery unit encompasses bread and bakery products, including pastries, cookies and cakes.[Read More]