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Sunday December 17th 2017



45-day long festivities to mark 10th anniversary of City Center

DOHA: People in Qatar will witness the longest in-mall celebrations here with the City Center Doha (CCD) marking its 10th year anniversary tomorrow. The organisers have promised 45 days of festivity that is poised to be more grandeur than any event in the malls of Doha. “We are delighted that our visitors and shoppers over the past 10 years have enthusiastically embraced us as their favorite shopping and entertainment destination,” said Christoph Von Oelhafen, Director, CCD. Even after ten years since its opening on April 15, 2001, CCD is still Qatar’s largest shopping mall, attracting the highest shoppers and visitors.

A series of in-mall activities and celebrations have been charted to mesmerise the visitors, including a one-day art competition on the theme “City Center Doha – Satisfying all your desires” to be held on Saturday April 24, in association with Alwan Qatar.

The celebration includes Alexandrite Show, a ballet from Ukraine that consists of eternal classics to folk motives and exciting contemporary dance created by professional choreographers, from tomorrow until April 23. “Alexandrite” – is the set of vast genres of programmes and numbers, with luxurious glitter costumes. Mood of the dancers reflects truly in love with dance. Circus artists, professional archers, and equilibrists from Ukraine will join “Alexandrite” dance group.

On April 28 and 29, the Annual Fashion of City Center Doha showcasing the latest fashion and trends of the season, will be held. The highlight event will be the Medieval Empire Show, from May 10 to 19, with characters springing from the Middle Age clad in metal armour, royal cloaks, feathered hats protected with metal swords, real arrows and shields. “History of Middle Ages in Europe can be learned in the classroom, read in books or seen in the movies. However, seeing it live is a totally different experience for everyone and visitors to City Center Doha will get the rare chance,” said Majd Machfej, Manager, CCD. From May 20 to 29 visitors can interact with the Robots and see an AKTROID (Actress + Android) that will do simple mimics, sing and dance. From May 27 to 31, Fitness First which will set stage on fire with Fit Works Vol.2, in which local and regional boys will battle to be most fittest among all the participants. [Read More]